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All About Soil!

Looking for the perfect soil for your landscaping project? CLS Landscape Supply has you covered! We carry a variety of soils and soil amendments to suit any need, from colour-rich Black Diamond Soil to nutrient-rich Premium Garden Mix. Plus, our Compost is a great way to add nutrients to any soil profile, and our Screened Loam is perfect for grading or backfilling projects. Shop with us today and get your project started right!

Premium Garden Mix
Looking to create a lush flower garden or vegetable plot? Look no further than our Premium Garden Mix! This multi-scoop blend of peat moss, compost, perlite, and sandy loam provides optimum levels of nutrients and water retention while neutralizing the soil’s pH. So whether you’re overseeding, filling planter boxes, or building a garden from scratch, this mix is perfect for the job!

Ordering Soil
The right soil for your project is available at the click of a button. Simply collect the container depth, length and width information for your planter or garden boxes, then utilize our Volume Calculator to get an accurate estimate on how much soil you will need! We recommend 3-4 inches of soil depth for open landscaped areas once the grade has been reached. This will provide ample coverage while providing a healthy environment for your sod and shrubbery. Our bulk soils are available for pickup at our Cochrane, Springbank or Bearspaw locations. We can also deliver bulk products right to your site. When ordering in the CLS Landscape Bag, we use increments of 0.5 Cubic Yards, with one full bag equalling 1 Cubic Yard. Check out our Delivery FAQ page for more details.

Soil Mix Components 
Loam is a medium-textured soil composed of almost equal parts sand and silt, with just a little less clay. Sand provides aeration and drainage, while the clay is high in nutrients but not as permeable as sand and silt. Silt has greater moisture retention than sand, fewer nutrients than clay, but helps the sand and clay mix together more readily. Compost is the end product of decomposed organic matter. The compost we supply is made of straw, horse, and chicken manure. Compost provides essential nutrients to the soil, which helps your plants and vegetables grow healthy and strong. Peat Moss and Perlite are incorporated into soil mixes for their water retention properties, slowly releasing water to your plants’ roots.