Our sod is 90% Kentucky Blue Grass and 10% Red Fescue. Rolls are 2 feet wide by 5 feet long and 700 square feet of sod is on one pallet. Sod is perishable and should be installed within 24 hours of delivery. There is a $35 refundable pallet charge that is refunded upon return of pallet. 

To order sod, please call 403-239-0600



Looking to establish an instantly green lawn?

CLS Landscape Supply has the solution – top quality, Alberta grown sod! The sod we distribute is 90% Kentucky Bluegrass and 10% Red Fescue, ensuring a healthy, lush yard with minimal fuss. So roll out the welcome mat and let us help you get your summer on!


What is Sod?
Sod is a pre-grown roll of grass that gets rolled out over fresh topsoil for an instantly green lawn. The sod we provide is grown on a local sod farm for two years before harvest, allowing for optimal root development and ensuring that it is winter hardy. Newly constructed homes and communities frequently lay sod as it offers a quick, low-maintenance grass cover without the strain of reseeding and watering after spreading grass seed. Our variety of sod is a blend of Kentucky Bluegrass and Red Fescue for the perfect balance of green colour, lush texture, and hardiness. Each individual roll is 2 feet wide by 5 feet long and ranges from 1-1.5 inches thick, with a grass blade height of 4-7cm.

How to Order Sod
Once you know the area of your yard, it's pretty easy to order sod! There are 700 square feet on one pallet of sod; however, we can deliver exactly how much you need. We always recommend adding an extra 5-10% to your order, so you don't run short and have additional pieces to cut for edging. Please remember that sod is perishable and must be installed within 24 hours of delivery. With this being the case, we only stock sod in our yard for pickup orders when there are orders for it. So, give us a call the day before, and we can ensure you will get your sod delivered, or we will have it ready and waiting in our yard for you to pick up! Visit our Knowledge Center Sod Ordering Page for more details on ordering sod.

How to Install Sod
While sod is one of the quickest ways to get a green lawn, laying it can be labour intensive. It is best to install sod with a few helpers and ensure that you take adequate breaks, especially during warm temperatures. In order to lay the sod as soon as it arrives at your property, we recommend preparing the ground ahead of time. We also recommend setting the pallets of sod in the shade while you're waiting to lay it to keep it from perishing even quicker. Visit our Knowledge Center for a complete How-To on installing sod.