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Frequently asked questions

1. General FAQs
1.1 I need multiple products delivered at one time, how do I arrange that?

No problem, with The Landscape Bag you can have multiple different products delivered at the same time.

Our flat deck delivery is a flat rate cost of $175 to Calgary and $125 to Cochrane and includes up to 10 bags/pallets. If you need more than 10 bags/pallets on a truck, an additional $20 will be charged per bag/pallet.

Unlike some of our competitors, we don't charge you another delivery fee for additional bags, we only charge for the additional bag and material cost. 

This is the perfect option if you are doing a project that requires different aggregate material such as base prep. It is also the ideal option if you are working on multiple projects throughout your yard, as the bags can be placed in multiple places throughout the yard, provided our machines have access. 


1.2 I ordered too much product, what do I do?

Unfortunately, our Landscape Bag and bulk products are non-refundable, so it is essential that all materials are calculated for correctly.

If you are not sure how to calculate how much material you need, visit: and scroll to our Volume Calculator. Simply enter the area and depth you are looking to cover, and the calculator will provide an accurate estimate on how much material you will need. We can round to the nearest 1/4 of a cubic yard.

1.3 I ordered too little product and need some more, can I have more sent?

Absolutely, if you need more material we can certainly arrange another delivery for you.

Please note that an additional delivery is subject to an additional delivery fee. Your order will still need to be scheduled within the next 2 days, and we will be unable to deliver on the same day.

To make sure you are getting the correct amount of product from the start, visit: and use our Volume Calculator, located on the main page.

1.4 Can I have The Landscape Bag and bulk products delivered together?

We are unable to deliver The Landscape Bag and bulk  products together as they require 2 separate delivery trucks. If you are looking to place an order for The Landscape Bag and bulk products together please either create 2 separate orders, or contact us at 403-239-0600.

1.5 Can I have multiple products delivered in a bulk order?

At this time, no. We currently only have single box dump trucks and are unable to deliver split loads. 

If you are looking to have multiple products shipped, you can do so with The Landscape Bag. 

1.6 I noticed a mistake on my order what do I do?

If you notice a mistake on your order please give us a call at 403-239-0600 ASAP and we will address it before your order is shipped out. 

1.7 How can I be sure my information is safe online?

Your privacy is an utmost concern for us here at CLS Landscape Supply. You can rest easy knowing that your information is only used so we can deliver product to you, we don't sell any information to 3rd party sources. 

Your credit card information is handled by a trusted 3rd party credit processor. We also encrypt all data using SSL encryption. This encrypts your data so that only your computer and our server are able to communicate. You'll notice that when you navigate to our website that our address bar turns green, and a small lock is displayed by the web address; this indicates that you are browsing in SSL mode. 

1.8 How much does 1 cubic yard of material cover?

1 cubic yard of material will cover approximately 100 square feet at a 3 inch depth. 

To make sure you are getting the correct amount of product visit: and use our Volume Calculator, location on the main page.

1.9 Why is there no deposit on The Landscape Bag?

The Landscape Bag does not have a refundable deposit.

We don't apply a deposit to The Landscape Bag because we are unable to confirm their reusable quality for future deliveries and customers. 1 cubic yard of material can weigh anywhere from 1500-2800lb, so even a tiny hole in the bag from shovelling material out can compromise its integrity.

If you need more material in the future, we can refill your own Landscape Bag for you at a cost of $7 for a refill fee. 

Our customers have found many uses for the bags after they have finished their projects. The uses range from using the bags for cleanup after the project, storage, patio furniture coverings and even as up-cycled planters!



1.10 I don't know what products I need for my project, does your store have any resources?

All of our products have a brief description that will give you a general idea of what the product is typically used for. If you're ever unsure about what you need, give us a call at 403-239-0600. We have trained staff who would be happy to help get you sorted!