Sod & Artificial Turf

Sod & Artificial Turf

Looking to instantly green up your yard? CLS Landscape Supply has the perfect solutions. We offer high-quality, Alberta-grown sod as well as artificial turf that is perfect for any space. Our sod is easy to install and maintain, and you'll have an instant lawn without any of the hassles of seeding or reseeding. Or, artificial turf is an excellent option if you're looking for a low-maintenance alternative to grass. It stands up to foot traffic and even pet waste.


At CLS Landscape Supply, we understand the importance of having a lush green yard, which is why we offer high-quality, Alberta grown sod. The sod we distribute is 90% Kentucky Bluegrass and 10% Red Fescue, ready to roll out over fresh topsoil, giving you an instantly green lawn without all the hassle of seeding or reseeding. The sod is always grown for two years on farm before harvesting, ensuring optimum root growth and winter-hardiness. So, whatever your landscape renovation project entails, CLS Landscape Supply has you covered – with sod that is sure to make your neighbours jealous. 

Artificial Turf
Are you looking for a hassle-free, beautiful lawn alternative? Artificial turf might be right for you! We carry Bella Turf artificial turf, one of Canada's leading synthetic turf suppliers, and we promise it's not that older, stiff, unnaturally green turf of yesteryear. It's unaffected by sunlight or lack thereof, requires no cutting or watering, and will be effortlessly beautiful for years. Plus, it can withstand foot traffic, children playing, and even pet activity and waste. So if you're looking for an easy way to keep your yard looking great all year long, artificial turf might be the perfect solution!

Seed, Sod or Artificial?
If you have a newly built home in Calgary or a large landscape renovation project on your hands, we suggest sod over seeding. Sod provides you with a quick and easy green lawn without the stress and seemingly endless maintenance of re-seeding and watering after spreading grass seed. While sod requires a bit more time and labour to lay, it is a much less laborious process when it comes to upkeep - and you can enjoy your lawn much sooner too!

Artificial turf, however, might be an excellent choice for you if you have difficulties growing natural grass in your yard, you're tired of dead spots from your pet's waste, or you just want something easy! Stop by one of our three locations today if you are considering switching to artificial turf. We have samples of all of the different varieties of Bella Turf, so you can get your hands (and feet!) on them to feel how soft and comfortable they really are.