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Bagged Decorative Rock

CLS Landscape Supply offers a variety of decorative rocks to choose from so you can add the perfect finishing touch to your backyard project. Each type of rock we carry is unique in colour and texture, and they are all available in our exclusive CLS Landscape Bag. So whether you're looking for a more casual look with the Montana Rainbow Rock or a more upscale look with the Creston Valley Crush or Rundle Rock, we have the right option for you. Come check out our selection today and get started on adding some personality to your landscape!


Decorative Rock Options
Whether you're making a pathway or looking to add some decorative edging or ground cover, Decorative Landscape Rocks are the perfect option. They provide an excellent finishing touch to any landscaping project and come in various colours to fit your style. Rundle Rock and Creston Valley Crush both have a sharper rock profile and come in smaller and larger size options. Rundle Rock is a dark charcoal option that creates a beautiful contrast against your garden beds, shrubbery and outdoor structures. While Creston Valley Crush adds warmth and elegance to landscaping projects, thanks to its bronze hues. Alternatively, Montana Rainbow Rock is a round decorative rock option that features several hues, including pinks, red, blue, green, purple, and grey.

How Much to Order
A single cubic yard of ornamental landscaping rock will cover roughly 10 feet by 10 feet and three inches deep. We recommend a depth of three inches so that there is enough product to adequately cover the ground surface without exposing any dirt underneath. The exact amount of decorative rock you order should be determined based on the purpose of the ground cover and the amount of traffic that the area will see. Use our online Volume Calculator to help you get an estimated amount of product needed for your project, or speak to one of our experienced customer service team members.

CLS Landscape Bag
All our Decorative Rocks are available to order in our CLS Landscape Bag anytime you need. Unlike a bulk delivery, the CLS Landscape Bag keeps your product contained and clean, and you can store it neatly until you're ready to use it. Plus, the top of each CLS Landscape Bag closes, so there's no need to worry about working with wet products if it rains. Each CLS Landscape Bag holds 1 Cubic Yard of material and can be ordered in 0.25 Yard increments, either through our website or on location.