Mulch & Soil

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Looking for high-quality mulch and soil for your next landscaping project? Look no further than CLS Landscape Supply. We stock Douglas Fir, Cedar, and Black mulch in various shred sizes, as well as Black Diamond Soil, Premium Garden Mix, Compost, and Screened Loam soils. Our products are available in bulk or bagged in our exclusive CLS Landscape bag. Whether you're looking for a touch of colour or a rich and fertile soil amendment, let us help you create the perfect outdoor space!


Mulch is the finishing touch that can take your landscaping project from ordinary to extraordinary. Mulch comes in a variety of colours and shred sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your home. Mulch is a natural insulator, which means it can help keep your perennials warm in the fall. Its ability to retain water makes mulch an important addition to your garden beds and shrubbery. Mulch also prevents soil erosion, deters weeds, and makes your landscaping look polished and professional. 

We're the leading supplier of soil and soil amendments in Calgary and the surrounding area, carrying the perfect soil for whatever your project needs are. Our Black Diamond Soil is rich in colour, making it the ideal addition to the top of your existing landscaping. Our Premium Garden Mix is nutrient-rich and perfect for planter boxes, sod installation, and other vegetation purposes. We also carry compost if you need to bump up the nutrients in any soil profile. Plus, our basic Screened Loam makes your grading or backfilling project easy!

How Much to Order?
Our mulches and soils can be ordered both in bulk or in our CLS Landscape Bag. Our mulches and soils can be ordered in 0.25 Cubic Yard increments if ordering in bulk. For our CLS Landscape Bag, we use increments of 0.5 Cubic Yards, with one full bag equalling 1 Cubic Yard. The amount of mulch and soil you will need for your project depends on the purpose of your project and the soil or mulch chosen. In general, 3-4 inches of depth will give you good ground coverage. Take advantage of our Volume Calculator, found on the top banner of our website, to determine how much product you need to order!