The Landscape Bag - Sands & Gravels

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Looking for sand and gravel? Look no further than CLS Landscape Supply! We've got a variety of options, perfect for any project you have in mind. Our 5mm washed sand is excellent for loosening up soil profiles and improving drainage, while our beach play sand is perfect for sandboxes and play areas. Plus, we offer larger 20mm and 40mm crushed rock for general projects or gravel driveways. Order your gravel and sand today in our exclusive CLS Landscape Bag.


Bagged Sand
Are you looking for sand in Calgary? Look no further than CLS Landscape Supply for all of your landscaping sand needs! Our multi-purpose washed sand can be utilized in a variety of ways, including as a concrete mix or as garden sand for loosening the soil profile. Alternatively, our finely-screened beach play sand is ideal for creating lovely backyard beaches and sandbox projects for the kids. Plus, ordering in our exclusive CLS Landscape Bag keeps the sand contained until you’re ready to place it - no more messy driveways!

Bagged Gravel
We're the company to call if you need gravel in the Calgary area. Our 10mm pea gravel is ideal for dog runs and ground covering. For general landscaping and driveways, try our 20mm washed or 40mm unwashed crushed rock options. We also offer 3-inch to 9-inch river rocks, which are ideal for water features and dry creek beds. Not sure what a dry creek bed is or how to build one? Check out the CLS Landscape Knowledge Center on our website to learn more.

Ordering Your Product
We stock all our gravels and sand on-site at our Cochrane, Calgary South, and Calgary North locations. We keep them continuously replenished so you can pick up your product in a CLS Landscape Bag any time you need. Unlike a bulk delivery, the CLS Landscape Bag keeps your product contained and clean, and you can store it neatly until you’re ready to use it. Plus, the top of each CLS Landscape Bag closes, so there’s no need to worry about working with wet products if it rains. Each CLS Landscape Bag holds 1 Cubic Yard of material and can be ordered in 0.25 Yard increments, either through our website or on location. 

Are you looking for sand or gravel delivery? No problem - we can deliver our bagged sands and gravels right to your site.