Sand & Gravel

Looking for a versatile material that can be used for a variety of purposes?

CLS Landscape Supply has you covered with our selection of sand and gravel. We carry washed sand, perfect for loosening up soils or leveling paving stones and patios, as well as play sand that's great for keeping kids entertained. Plus, we supply gravel of all sizes, from small 10mm to larger 40mm. Come see us today and get started on your next project! 


Are you looking for sand in the Calgary area? Look no further than CLS Landscape Supply! Our multi-purpose washed sand can be used for everything from mixing concrete to loosening soils in garden and flower beds. Or, our beach play sand is perfect for creating beautiful beaches and sandboxes for the kiddos in the backyard. Plus, our beach sand is finely ground for a smooth finish. Order sand for your next project, in bulk or bagged in our CLS Landscape Bag, today.

We’re your go-to gravel supplier. Our 10mm pea gravel is the perfect fit for dog runs and ground cover. Try our 20mm and 40mm rocks for general landscaping and driveways. Our most popular gravel product is 20mm road crush, which is a blend of crushed 20mm gravel and sand. It is used for base fill prep as it compacts well and creates a sturdy surface to build on. We also carry larger 3-inch to 9-inch river rocks, perfect for water features and dry creeks. All our gravel is available to order in bulk or in our CLS Landscape Bag.

Placing Your Order
We stock all our gravels and sand on-site at our Cochrane, Calgary South, and Calgary North locations. We keep them continuously replenished so you can pick up any time you need. 

Need to rush into the store and only have your square footage calculated? No problem. Let us do the math and get you on your way quickly! Sure, you can pop online and use our handy calculator, but our staff do these calculations dozens of times a day, and we are pretty good at getting your quantity right on the nose.


Looking for Calgary gravel delivery? We do that too! Our sands and gravel can be delivered right to your site, either in bulk or in our CLS Landscape Bag, which holds 1 Cubic Yard of product each. Bulk deliveries can typically be scheduled for next-day delivery, except for Sundays. Order through our website, or give us a call at one of our three locations today!