Decorative Rocks

Decorative Rocks

Are you looking for a creative way to add some colour and style to your landscaping? CLS Landscape Supply offers a variety of decorative rocks to choose from. Each type of rock is unique in colour and texture, offering a different look to your landscape. So whether you're looking for a more casual look with the Montana Rainbow Rock or a more upscale look with the Creston Valley Crush or Rundle Rock, we have the right option for you. Come check out our selection today and get started on adding some personality to your landscape!


Decorative Rock Options
Decorative Landscape Rocks are perfect for pathways, patios, ground cover, and water features. Decorative Rocks give your landscaping projects the perfect finishing touch, and with the variety of colour options available, there is a choice to match your style perfectly.

Rundle Rock is unique to Alberta and has a dark charcoal colour that creates a beautiful contrast against flower or tree beds. Available in two different rock size options, 25mm and 40mm.

Thanks to its bronze tones, Creston Valley Crush adds warmth and elegance to landscaping projects. Similar in size and texture to Rundle Rock, Creston Valley Crush is great for rock edges, rock gardens and water features. Montana Rainbow Rock is a round decorative rock option that features several colours, including pinks, red, blue, green, purple, and grey.

Mountain Rainbow Rock is perfect for low maintenance areas and a more stable option on pathways compared to the sharp chunky edges of Rundle Rock, Creston Valley Crush and Limestone.

Ordering Landscape Rock
You can order your decorative rock at the click of a button right here on our website. All you need to know is the area that you'll be covering.

One cubic yard of decorative landscaping rock will cover approximately 10 feet by 10 feet and three inches deep. Three inches is generally regarded as the standard depth for ground covers, as there will be enough product to cover the ground sufficiently without seeing any exposed ground. However, the exact amount of product you order should be based on the purpose of the ground cover and the amount of traffic that the area will see.

Use our online Volume Calculator to help you get an estimated amount of product needed for your project, or speak to one of our experienced customer service team members at any of our three locations. Our decorative rocks are available for pickup at our Cochrane, Calgary South, and Calgary North locations. We can also deliver bulk products right to your site. When ordering in the CLS Landscape Bag, we use increments of 0.5 Cubic Yards, with one full bag equalling 1 Cubic Yard. Check out our Delivery FAQ page for more details.